An ongoing series, started in 2016, has seen me travelling Britain's coastal towns to document the classic seaside shelter.

A relic of the boom times during the Victorian era, when summer holidays were popularised, towns tried to outdo each other to attract holidaymakers by upgrading their infrastructure and amenities. As the towns got busier, the designs often got more elaborate. Along the south coast, modernism was often the favoured look. 

With the advent of low cost airlines however, the British seaside holiday lost its appeal and as the tourists dried up, so did the money. Many shelters fell into disrepair, as cash strapped councils lacked the funds to keep maintaining the structures. Some have already gone, whilst others are being redeveloped as part of an effort to address the terminal decline of the seaside town. 

Im hoping to show the history of these places through these structures, as well as documenting the rise, fall and perhaps rise again of the seaside town.