STEM - Draisci Studio

My latest film is a 'making of' style piece, on the creation of a brilliant artwork, designed by Draisci Studio for Oundle School. The film takes in the design, fabrication, installation and completed work, and has been a bit of a labour of love - multiple involved clients, a tricky install and a long edit process - but it is finally ready.

My client - the designer, Francesco Draisci, was keen to move beyond the standard architectural film typology - which generally just features a couple of talking heads and some footage of the finished project - and wanted to try and really show the journey that went into creation the artwork, which is called STEM. This type of film is very much something that I am trying to push clients to engage with - the story behind a project is often as important as the finished thing itself and is sometimes more important - showing the challenges faced and overcome which can be overlooked if you only show it once complete. On top of that, the film was hope to be, in Francesco's own words "An aesthetic statement in itself" - after all, unless you actually visit the school and see the work for yourself, the film is going to be the only way you can see the work. Therefore it makes sense to make it as comprehensive and informative as possible. 


Of course this approach is considerably more work and therefore more costly, than simply turning up for a day to shoot the finished project - but in terms of value, I think there is no comparison. On top of that, given the multiple parties involved - once they had all contributed to the budget, it was actually no more expensive than commissioning a days photography for each party. 

See the film and some stills below and if you have a project you would like to document, then please get in touch: / 07528 804860 - thanks for reading!

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