Seaside Shelters

My ongoing series on seaside shelters has seen some publicity in recent months, which has been timely as work had pretty much ground to a halt on it, so it was nice to get some good feedback on it to spur me on to finish the project. Initially some of the images were featured in an article in the FT Weekend, by Edwin Heathcote: 

FT H&H 08jul p6 and 7 Gimme shelter_Page_1.jpg
FT H&H 08jul p6 and 7 Gimme shelter_Page_2.jpg

It was then picked up by BBC breakfast news, as part of their season on 'coastal Britain' - so I nipped down to Margate for quick interview that was shown on a saturday morning. A bit cringe seeing myself on TV, but great publicity. See the piece below here:

Ive had the rest of the series mapped out for a while, but wasn't really sure if I could justify spending the time and money needed to finish it - hopefully 50% of that is taken care of, as it looks like there will be a book coming out next year via a publisher (will reveal all when its confirmed!) which I am very excited about. If you are interested in knowing more then sign up to my mailing list on the contact page. In the meantime, you can keep track of where I will be shooting via my map below. Yellow are the sites I have already done, green are 'to do' and blue are...well, backups! Please let me know if you think I have missed any from my list!

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