Filming Food

The reluctant first blog post. Have to start somewhere...

I recently did a short film for a chef, of him making a Tart Tatin - my first experience shooting food. Shot as a collaboration with Josh from XA Digital, with whom I will hopefully be working with on some further projects. This was very much a test, both to see what we could produce in a day as well as figuring out how each other work.

Having two sets of eyes looking through camera can help, as it makes it more likely any errors will be spotted, but obviously it can also mean there are two opinions on how to shoot something. Thankfully it all went smoothly, and although it was a very long day shooting in the kitchen of the Pass restaurant at the South Lodge Hotel, I was pretty happy with what we got. The film and some frame grabs can be seen below.

This was also the first piece I have attempted to grade as well, just to make things even more interesting. I used VSCO through lightroom, thanks to this excellent tutorial from Shaun Boyte -

Definitely still some work to be done in terms of the colouring, as in some of the shots Alex (the chefs) hands are still a bit orange, whilst in others there is still too much green in the shot. There was no daylight in the kitchen which wasnt ideal, as I was shooting available light and even have any reflectors. I also ended up changing the white balance half way through, which made matching everything much more difficult. Wont be making that mistake again! Shot on the c100, which I am really beginning to love.