Earlier in the year I was commissioned by a Manchester based creative agency, The Neighbourhood ( to shoot a short film on the installation of a piece of art in the reception of a new office building in central London.

The artwork, called Shimmy, was by renowned artist Alison Wilding and would take two weeks to be installed. I would shoot using a mixture of timelapse, both long and short term together with video. This was a great commission as it allowed me to try numerous different shot type, from tracking with my dynamic perception stage zero to handheld stuff. Shimmy was made of a number of metallic strips, meaning it was highly reflective. This was both a help and a hindrance, depending on the shot!

After finishing shooting for the neighbourhood, Alison then commissioned me to shoot another short film for her, which meant there was an interesting contrast between the two films. In my version, music was eschewed for sound effects, which in actual fact were myself and Alison hitting Shimmy gently to create some interesting noises. I then graded it with VSCO. The Neighbourhood's version is a bit more dynamic, with a great soundtrack as well as featuring both the actual installation and some of the finished piece.

Some stills below as well as links to each of the films.

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